Communicating science, medicine and health

A close up shot of keys on a typewriter.

Communicating science, medicine and health information can be complicated. Whether you are engaging in product development, medical research, funding application or content creation, you will need to communicate your work.

There are many things to consider when documenting scientific information:

  • Who is my target audience, and how can I best communicate with them?
  • How can I publish my document quickly, without compromising accuracy?
  • How can I ensure my communication is aligned with ethical, legal, and regulatory standards?

This is where a medical writer can help! Medical writing is a dynamic profession that depends on the accurate, ethical and efficient communication of information.

What experience do I need?

Medical writers often carry valuable experience across a variety of therapeutic areas, as well as experience in:

  • clinical expertise
  • academia
  • the pharmaceutical industry

To ensure ethically produced content, good medical writers know and refer to the relevant guidelines such as:

At WriteSource Medical, our writers specialise in:

  • clear, concise communication
  • efficient, engaging writing
  • project management

What types of work do medical writers do?

Medical writers are skilled in communicating science across a range of documents, these include:

Our medical writers will work with you to meet the needs of you and your audience.

How can our medical writers help you?

In combining these skills and experiences, our medical writers can:

  • produce content at a level appropriate for your target audience
  • produce documents that align with your needs and the needs of your audience
  • ensure your information is ethical and compliant with relevant standards and guidelines
  • validate your findings and ensure your information is accurate

Clear, ethical, accurate and up-to-date communication is crucial for advancing scientific research. The assistance of a medical writer in this complicated process can be invaluable.