Good Publication Practice (GPP) 2022 Guidelines Published

A close-up shot of someone looking at a smart phone while working on their laptop. Their nails are painted bright pink. They may be checking the Good Publication Practice Guidelines as they work.

The Good Publication Practice (GPP) 2022 guidelines for company-sponsored biomedical research were released at the end of August 2022.

The GPP guidelines provide direction on biomedical publication:

  • planning
  • development
  • review
  • approval

The GPP 2022 guidelines seek to further enhance the ethics and transparency of the publication process. The guidelines apply to all company-sponsored publications, including:

  • journal articles
  • conference presentations
  • posters
  • abstracts
  • plain-language summaries

These guidelines build on the original GPP guidelines published in 2003 and updated in 2009 (GPP2) and 2015 (GPP3).

The new guidelines provide an overview of the best practices for all aspects of the publication process. GPP 2022 also covers several new areas including:

  • the role of patients in publications
  • advice on the use of social media
  • plain language summaries

WriteSource Medical will continue to develop all our publications, with industry partners, in accordance with the current GPP guidelines and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommendations.

The team at WriteSource Medical are pleased to be involved in the development of these new guidelines and congratulate Lisa DeTora and her co-authors on their publication – Good Publication Practice (GPP) Guidelines for Company-Sponsored Biomedical Research: 2022 Update.