Making Sense of Statistics (Sydney Course)

Based in Sydney? Don’t understand statistics, but would like to?

Do you avoid reading the statistical sections of clinical papers? Are you a bit confused about odds ratios and hazard ratios? Are you too scared to do a statistics course?

Then our 2-day statistics course, provided in conjunction with ARCS is for you!

Statistics should be fun. Too often, statisticians get bogged down in Greek letters, and forget that what statistics is really about is making sense of the world around them. From a healthcare perspective, most employees just need to understand the appropriate use of statistics – rather than how to perform the statistical test per se. This course is designed to cover the core proposed topics in a fun and interactive way that allows attendees to read a clinical paper, a clinical protocol, a PBAC or TGA submission and critically appraise the statistical elements.

Our next course is being held on 3 March and 4 March 2016, so register your interest today on the ARCS website